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Potential analysis of a strategic product for cost optimisation purposes

The money saved in purchasing and production improves competitiveness and no longer has to be earned on the sales side. For an internationally-active medium-sized company in the clean room technology sector, Thomas Pluch was able to help with innovation integration and cost optimisation in his role as an Interim Manager. Here materials, processes, purchasing, production, engineering and the customer requirements were closely examined. Innovations with effective financial relief and a low risk were specifically integrated into the production process after the analysis. At the same time the rest of the improvements determined were able to be incorporated into the next product batch, after a test phase at the supplier and positive results. Thanks to the operative management process a short-term saving potential of more than 20% was calculated for planning, material and production costs.

Project focus: Cost optimisation - Process optimisation

Location: Austria

Sector: Apparatus construction

Results: An operative management process for short-term savings of > 20% in purchasing, planning and production