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Industry experience in B to B (B2B)

Over 15 years of management experience in B to B - industry, construction, production and service in the following industries:

Our B2B priorities in corporations, small businesses and family were previously in:

  • Industrial enterprises
  • Service companies
  • Production company
  • engineering Company
  • trading

The B to B - Experience will change. Some of it is, however, essentially returning:

Industry Service: Service is more than service

The continuous operation to minimize costs and reduce risks in the foreground. Our experiences are:

  • Active communication with customers
  • Quick response time
  • Improvisation in the realization
  • Tight organization, as resources mostly short supply
  • Just in Time supply by supplier

Engineering firms: Creativity use without the reality of losing

The user should understand in the planning. The targeted cooperation with exporting company has shaped realization. This promotes cooperation:

  • Designing with the view at the customer request
  • Practical cooperation rather than bureaucracy
  • Holistic approach from planning to implementation
  • Quality management to improve processes in project business

Construction enterprises: Connect the practical part with the professional management style

Construction enterprises are with heart and soul into your work. More planning and service gain better market access and a more stable order situation. The focus is on:

Production Company: The commitment to continuous improvement

The continuous improvement of product lines, the search for innovative solutions through continuous product development and market knowledge characterizes this industry. What is important from our point of view:

  • Close to the customer and the market for customer retention and search for ideas
  • targeted marketing and structured sales
  • Controlling as a basis for continuous improvement of processes
  • Supply Chain Management

industrial construction: assertiveness, holistic view and strong leadership are the success factors

Industrial construction are highly complex and requires the project manager, strong leadership skills, organizational skills, economic way of thinking and technical understanding. How we work:

  • Timely kick off meeting after the project start
  • Contract information from distribution to project team
  • Clear power limit with focus minimizing risk and earnings
  • Organizational viewing and resource management
  • Technical alternatives and timely control

We provide this B2B expertise in project and product business available.