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Thomas Pluch

  • Born 1969 in Villach, Austria
  • 1992 Mechanical and Supply Engineering at Pinkafeld HTBL (technical college), Austria
  • 2001 Marketing and Business Administration at the WWZ (Faculty of Business and Economics) of the University of Basel, Switzerland
  • 15 years of international management experience in different sectors and positions (in Germany, Asia, the USA and South America)
  • Since 2008 he has worked as an Interim Manager (in Germany, France, Austria and Belgium)

After taking on various roles in Villach, Munich, Cologne, Taipei, Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt and Paris, Thomas Pluch has worked in Krefeld since 2010 as an Interim Manager.

Thomas Pluch places particular value on integrating everyone across all hierarchy levels. He has a diplomatic and determined way of working, a transparent and forthcoming approach, speaks the language of the management and the employees, strengthens the feeling of togetherness and successfully includes them in the change.

Thomas Pluch has extensive management experience, industry know-how, long B2B experience in group companies and small and medium-sized companies, both domestically and abroad, in his role as an Interim Manager. This makes it easier for him to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and leads to a higher level of acceptance amongst employees in change projects and crisis situations.

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