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Thomas Pluch

Born 1969 in Villach, Austria

1992 Engineering and Supply Engineering course at Pinkafeld HTBL (technical college), Austria

2001 Marketing and Business Administration course at the WWZ (Faculty of Business and Economics) of the University of Basel, Switzerland

Thomas Pluch is successfully working as an Interim Manager for Mid-sized companies since 2008, with a specialisation on family owned businesses in their 1rst, 2 nd or 3 rd generation. Before entering into Interim Management Thomas had 15 years of experiences in international management in different sectors and positions in Germany, Asia, the USA and South America.

His focus is the development of an active leadership to grow the company in both - values and profitability.

His mission: to make family business stronger!

Thomas Pluch acts as:

• A creative “pulse generator”, who understands changes as opportunities to shape the future actively,
• An innovative solution finder, who likes to work on options to select the one that fits best to the company,
• A strong leader, who takes on difficult challenges and drives through them together with you,
• An active manager, who can truly lead people, motivate them and takes them onto the journey,
• An experienced management personality, tutor and mentor, that supports and advises family owned business in the long term, to get them prepared for the future in a lasting way.
• A visionary leader, that develops a new company culture, that identifies opportunities, builds a strong trust base to form an autonomous and agile organisation.

Thomas Pluch supports his clients in the development and execution of any transformation – while looking at the client’s company in an entire way – to manage a crisis situation successfully (restructuring and turnaround), to improve the values and the profitability of an organisation (process improvements and customer orientation) as well as the development of an autonomous, decentralized organisation (agility and digitalisation). The objective is to make the family business stronger, to secure the handover to the next generation within the family or to an external management.
With his very regular days of presence at the client’s site and in close collaboration, he will secure the effective execution of all planned measures.

Thomas pays particular attention on integrating the concerned managers and employees across all hierarchy levels. He has a diplomatic and determined way of working, a transparent and forthcoming approach, speaks the language of the management and the employees – even in an intercultural context. This makes it easier for him to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and leads to a higher level of acceptance amongst employees in change projects and crisis situations.

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