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CV and career path - summary

Please find hereunder the line management positions of Susanne Brüggemann:

Director Operations, line management of a unit covering 8 production sites all over Germany, Organization with 2-3 management levels. The operations unit covered the following functions: Customer Supply (incl. logistics and dispatch), Product Sourcing, Engineering, Maintenance management, Technical, Regional Services, Quality and Safety management, serving >10000 Industrial Customers in Germany, responsibility on costs of 200+ Mio. €/a and direct line management of up to 600 people.

Authorized signatory, Member of the Management Board, directly reporting to the Chairman of the Management Board

Director Business Unit, line management of a business unit, BU covering the following functions: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product Sourcing, Logistics/ Dispatch and  regional, tech­nical Maintenance Services, serving >1000 Industrial Customers in Germany, turnover 200+m€, approx. 300 people, full P&L responsibility.

Authorized signatory, Member of the Management Board, directly reporting to the Chairman of the Management Board

Additionally, Managing Director of an affiliate company, representative/ authorized signatory of another affiliate. Representative of - German and French - advisory boards/ supervision boards in various subsidiaries within the group.

Project Director in charge of a large restructuring project, project covering definition and implementation phase for one field of business of the organization with 1000 people concerned. Project following years of declining margins, included significant cost reductions on both headcounts and operational costs, preparation and presentation of the project details, coordination of the central project team, elaboration of the future organizational chart, staffing of positions, presentation to workers councils, implementation and go-live of the organization.

Authorized signatory, Member of the Management Board, directly reporting to the Chairman of the Management Board

Head of Operations Non-Pipeline Plants, business line serving large industrial customers such as Chemical and Steel manufacturers, direct line management of approx. 80 people and 10 sites all over Germany under Seveso Law, on-call systems and work in shift (24h/7d), investment projects, shut-downs and maintenance projects.

Director Operations of a European business unit serving the Semiconductor Market, located in Paris, assuring the reliable, non-interrupted product supply in the frame of multi-annual supply contracts, large service activity including teams working directly at customer sites, on-call system and shift-system (24h/7d), line management of approx. 240 people in France, Italy and Germany. Start of a new organization as part of the mission.

During a period of parental leave – Change of Business Line – large industrial customers such as Chemical and Steel manufacturers:

Strategic Project Management 1: Definition and implementation on an internal efficiency project to leverage on synergies in the context of a significant acquisition of the group. Project management including coordination of project, reporting and result tracking.
Strategic Project Management 2: Implementation of a world-wide Industrial Management System within one business line, enhancing and improving especially the industrial risk management processes.

Head of Business Unit: P&L responsibility, line management of approx. 70 employees. The Business Unit encompassing sales, key account management, technology and Service for the international semiconductor customers in Germany.

Authorized signatory, Member of the Management Board, directly reporting to the Chairman of the Management Board, first woman entering the Senior Management of the affiliate.

Global Account Manager, Paris, member of an international, strategic sales team, dedicated to improving market position within an international Semiconductor customer account, definition of a sales strategy, negotiation of multi-annual contracts in various countries (main focus south-east Asia/ Singapore, Poland, France, the Netherlands). Coordination of sales in between national sales teams and the customer, acting as a key-contact.

Head of Customer Service Center: for an international semi-conductor manufacturer, commercial and operative responsibility for a team in customer service (24h/7d), assuring the continuity of sensitive product supply to the customer’s facility, development of trustworthy customer relations and negotiation of multi-annual supply contracts.

Project Manager/ Project Engineer: Execution of complex customer-specific equipment orders in close cooperation with international specialized companies, definition of technical specifications, selection of suitable components, negotiations with suppliers, documentation and quality management, adherence to budget and to the final completion schedule. Coordination of all involved suppliers/ partners in execution.

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