Service is what makes the different 
in machinery and equipment construction.


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Service Manager

Mechanical engineering and equipment construction are some of the key industries in Europe. 

The goal for the future is: to have a global network on the international markets to assert your market position. Here it is not just the materials and process technology that will be the key, but also the development of hybrid products which combine high-quality machinery or equipments with services and meet the customer's needs. This will improve customer retention and balance out the cyclical nature of the industry.

What experience does Thomas Pluch have as an Manager on Demand in the service sector?

  • Integrating an understanding of users into customer service and for service employees
  • Training of service employees for active contact with potential customers (sales and transactions)
  • Product range for basic, comfort and premium applications
  • Quality standards using reasonable documentation
  • Project management and protection of resources

For Thomas Pluch the focus is on understanding the user. Due to this approach, specific customer needs can be integrated and your products and services can be made more attractive for the market. Just as important is close cooperation with suppliers, the qualifications of your employees and process and cost optimisation.

Service brings stability and extra sales with better price levels