Changes with a great effect.

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Crisis Management

Restructuring management - with focus: implementation

Each company reaches a phase in which the market changes, profits are no longer right or the structures no longer fit. Restructuring is the order of the day. The question is not whether, but how is this to be implemented? 

As a company coach we perform an analysis to determine the current situation of the company and develop the overall goals with you. 

This is always done from various perspectives. As a result the analysis can only be done with the management and employees at their workplace. 

Creating a new organisational structure: First of all we adjust the organisational structure to the new goals, together with you. In doing so we concentrate on bringing the right employees to the right positions, in the interest of effectiveness.

Introducing new processes: We now begin the new transparent processes with you, to directly set the starting point for improvements.

Checking and adjusting the structure and processes: During the implementation phase it becomes clear how good the restructuring is. That is why it is important to not stubbornly keep to what is planned, but to constantly check the organisational structure and the processes until they are working properly. 

Securing the organisational structure and improving processes: To secure efficiency in the long-term, we work hand-in-hand with you for a period of time until the new organisation adapts to the defined processes.  

On-the-job-training: After completing our task we are happy to make ourselves available to you to help to further consolidate the newly implemented processes in the form of on-the-job training

The success of restructuring is mainly dependent on the implementation skills. This is where we come in.