With heart and an understanding of 
Industrial plant construction 
and facility management.

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Project Manager - Facility Manager

Achieving success through systematic project management.

Industrial plant engineering means the implementation of overall systems, where engineers plan and combine technical components to guarantee precisely defined processes. This work is characterized by an intensive planning phase followed by the implementation, usually under strong time and cost pressure. The key to success lies in managing the cross-functional external supplier services.

Thomas Pluch looks at project management through the eyes of a business person and with the heart of a technician.

We act in a methodical manner to minimise risks and form the basis for success from the beginning:

  • Active leading: Projects are successful by active and mainly transparent documentation. This is done right from the beginning.
  • Assessing the agreed services: Which have been contractually agreed. The integration of all participants to clearly describe the offered services. Documentation of the risks.
  • Commercial assessment: Which services are profitable? Which ones bring a loss and are unsafe? What options are there?
  • Organisational assessment: A schedule and resource plan to achieve the contractually agreed services
  • Controlling and Quality Management: Consistent controlling to implement corrective measures

Plant engineering projects have high loss factors. The more complex the project, the higher the number of individual tasks and the more demanding the requirements are on the management skills. Here lies the potential for added value. 

Interactive work with customers and suppliers, active management as well as transparent communication are the success factors which an experienced Interim Manager brings. Furthermore, all the influencing factors are taken into account and your employees will become committed to the economic, organizational and technical conditions. 

With a structure and active cooperation projects are successful.