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Crisis Management

Crisis Management by active communication

Crises are rarely a sudden event! Crises develop and are often hard to recognise at first. This is often because the trigger, paradoxically, almost always comes from a positive intention: 

  • Maintaining traditions
  • New ways with a lot of unknowns
  • The generation change being constantly postponed
  • Investment bottlenecks and similar.

The sooner action is taken the greater the chance that the direction of the company can be changed with straightforward measures. Our methodical procedure offers effective solutions for the different stages. 

As manager on demand we support you in diverse crisis situations:

In the event of continual drops in sales: 

  • Establishing structured acquisition
  • The coordination and follow-up of customer acquisition and development
  • Improving customer retention

With difficult projects:

  • Crisis communication and trust-building measures with customers and project participants
  • Managing and coaching employees and integrating external service providers
  • A structured approach to reduce risks 

In the event of constant losses in projects, service and production: 

In the event of permanently rising costs for the manufacturing of your products and services:

  • An analysis of weak points and potential
  • Planning and implementing optimisation measures
  • On-the-job training

In the event of long-overdue investments:

In the event of the loss of important managers or project managers:

Many issues are interconnected. We act as follows:

We clarify the situation.

This means that we analyse what stage of crisis the company is in. That concerns on people, processes and figures.

We develop prospects and potential.

What can be built on? Which direction should be taken? What resources are available and what resources are still needed?

We find the way.

What measures have to be implemented? What is the safest concept? In what timeframe should things be achieved? Who can offer support?

Analysis, people, actions and results.

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