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The package: Management on Demand

Management, project management, flexibility and independence

Our application is flexible with regards to time: you determine the duration of the cooperation and thereby the costs. We define the project and make the know-how obtained available to your employees for the future. Due to our independence, we can quickly cope with changes and crises. Here a flexible procedure is an important component of the success.

Independence: Change is possible due to our objectivity.

You and your employees get a neutral, third-party perspective, which allows you to link your historic way of working with different methods from other sectors.

The "implementation" is actively practised by us every day at your company. This means that change is implemented consciously, step-by-step and quickly. It is, however, important that your managers and employees continue on this path.

Leader ship experience: The focus is on your employees.

Results are based on actions. As a consequence, experience of operative management positions is the most important factor of an Interim Manager. We have over 15 years of international experience in a wide range of industries. We apply this know-how for you to define goals quickly and to determine the structures and processes together with your employees.

For Thomas Pluch, management is a healthy mix of managing the strict organisation of a project, active management to obtain and develop a strong team as well as coaching to integrate the needs of the individual managers and employees.

As a result it is important for us to build on your individual corporate culture. Using existing resources and keeping investments as low as possible.

Project management: Act instead of react.

Project management should be the core competency of every Interim Manager. Thomas Pluch has proven his project management competences in many national and international projects in industrial plant construction. Furthermore, over the course of his career a wide range of projects have been completed according to his managerial function: They include:

  • Developing and practising a performance-related pay system
  • Introducing and implementing the 9100 quality management system
  • Occupational safety by implementing an explosion protection plan
  • Applying quick project controlling in industrial plant construction
  • Setting up operative supply chain management to secure the semi-finished source materials
  • Introducing and applying active controlling for Sales, Customer Service, Production and Purchasing
  • And more.

We support you with our process-orientated way of working and social skills so that complex projects can lead to success.

Supply Chain Management: Communication creates trust and accelerates processes.

This means integrated management and control, within and outside of the company's limits.

The coordination and integration of all participants - customers, partners, employees and suppliers - as part of process-orientated company management are what characterise the thinking and actions of Thomas Pluch, both in project and product business.

This optimises the flow of information across the whole company, which in turn leads to better customer retention and guarantees better competitiveness.

Corporate culture: Respect and acceptance is the basis for successful cooperation.

In international business the ability to adapt and be assertive are hugely important to be able to quickly and safely implement the necessary changes in practise. 

On the one hand, active actions are essential as normally the resources are not available, while on the other hand, good social skills are needed to link the different corporate cultures of company groups with a strong structure with those of small and medium-sized companies with a flat hierarchy.

Only if you manage actively, listen and communicate, can all participants - from suppliers and employees to customers be integrated into the project, trigger and implement change processes.

For customers in industry this means immediate and effective support. 

Benefit from our operative experience.