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What is Interim Management or Management on Demand?

Management on demand is similar to company consulting. Except for one small but important difference.

Company consulting focuses on developing strategies and coming up with concepts. 

Management on demand is applied directly after an analysis and supports you in implementing the measures and achieving specific results. A Manager on demand works in a goal-orientated manner. He/she brings experience. He/she knows the structures and processes. He/she weighs up the opportunities and risks. He/she supports you in achieving success. 

Management on demand ensures that measures are safely implemented. 

Our main areas are:

What are the benefits for you of having an interim manager?

Comprehensive industry experience:

Our customers benefit from our diverse industry experience in project and product management.

Neutral viewpoint:

We bring an outside view. This helps us break down structures and give your managers and employees a new perspective about their everyday work.

The focus is on people:

We claim to understand the company culture and to preserve it. Change is important. However, it is also important to structure them around the people in the company.

Active management:

For us, management is an active process to generate results from goals. However, results only make sense if they are achieved together and can be further improved. As a consequence we integrate the managers and employees into this process so that they can take on the idea of active management.

We improve your company in line with your interests.