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Continual growth

Often the market in which your company has been very successful is already showing signs of decline. Sales have been falling for years. This is normally linked to a fall in the price structure. Although change is necessary, both the management and the employees want to keep the tried-and-tested processes. How can a new strategy, a new way of thinking or a new process be introduced? 

Nothing is more constant than change.

As an interim manager, change is our everyday business. However, it is important to achieve this together as a team. We challenge and encourage your team by integrating all the participants into the change process.

How do we act?

We listen, form teams and start the implementation simultaneously: 

  • A short and practical analysis: The start point is always important, so that strengths can be recognised and used and weaknesses can be consciously eliminated. Which markets are you active in? Which markets generate turnover for you? Which customers generate profit? And which ones bring you loss? And let's not forget your competitors.
  • Defined customers and markets: It is important to define the target group. Here we use the experience we have gained from everyday business. Your employees and customers are the best sources of information. In doing so we apply our experience from other sectors and remain objective to determine the future path.
  • Structured acquisition: How do we get to new customers? This should not be done accidentally or passively. We recommend the active acquisition of customers. From the first contact to the visit, the creation of an offer with a corresponding price policy and the follow-up to increase the success rate in the future. Of course we will actively train your employees in this to achieve a specific increase in new customers.
  • Customer retention through active support: How well do you know your existing customers? Do you have personal contact with them? Do you have one contact person or more? We will implement this process together with you to actively, and in a structured way, recognise contact partners, to determine the needs of your customers, reduce order losses and to generate extra sales potential.

We provide a secured way of implementation.