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Company succession

In owner-run companies, success is often due to people, ideas, know-how and traditions. The future of the company is therefore a sensitive topic. 

There is no date for a successor to be appointed. There is no agreement. There is no clarity about how tasks should be allocated in the future. There are no plans of how to establish a balance between the traditional and the new. This can seldom be achieved internally, because everyone in the company is personally involved and nobody wants to hurt anyone.

As an interim manager with an outside view we can develop and implement a company succession plan clearly, in a structured and organized manner and observing all the values of the participants.

  • On the one hand it is important that the positive values of a company are continued to be practised, remain able to cope with the future and are not just kept for the sake of tradition. 
  • On the other hand, market changes, new ideas and new technologies have to be taken into account. They can strengthen and build on the existing success factors.

Why should you use management on demand

Our procedure works for your continued existence: 

  • Supporting the owner: We support the business owner to introduce the right steps. Clarifying important questions: Who is the right candidate for the company? When is the right time? How long should the owner stay in the company?
  • Supporting the successor: How can the successor develop his profile in the company? How does team building work? What does active management mean? How important is trust?
  • Focus on sustainability: Our goal is to set-up the company succession in such a way that your company can stably manage this transition. In a family company it is particularly important for us that the family members still treat each other respectfully, even after the company succession has been completed.

With our services we ensure stability in the company succession.