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  • Examine.
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  • See opportunities. 
    Use opportunities.

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    Exactly what we can:
    Management on Demand.

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  • Improvements are not just made
    in future. 
    Ideally they are on-going.
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  • New goals are the first step.
    The second is - to implement them. 

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Interim Management for SMEs, in particular family owned companies

Family companies are one of the most important pillars of the German economy. Family companies have a particular type of power which is guided by a vision, and does not just focus short term profits.

This way of thinking creates a strong alliance, like a kind of family, where the managers and employees interact. This is what makes a small to medium-sized company successful.

On the other hand, the market conditions are becoming more and more fast-moving and require short reaction times, in order to secure the future, together with a solid business-focussed way of thinking. 

We mainly support technology companies:

  • SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) / Small business sector
  • Family companies
  • Owner-run companies
  • Group-affiliated companies

with approx. 15 to 250 employees.

Why do we offer this service?

To ensure that measures are safely implemented. We work according to the mindset of a COO :

  • Lead: by operational management , close to the daily operations with a view of the strategy
  • Integrate: executives and employees for stable implementation and improvement of processes
  • Benefit: from the flexible approach to strengthen a sustainable business

An interim manager, in our opinion, feels at home in companies of different size, speaks your language, offers a broad range of experience, is a person of integrity, but also has the assertiveness to make the necessary changes in your interest. 

What do we offer you?

We offer interim and implementation management to allow changes in the everyday business and to provide support in dealing with crisis situations. 


What are the benefits for you?

An outside view: We can give you an objective view because we are independent and focus exclusively on solving your problem.

Quick recognition: We are trained in understanding the situation at your company at the start of our cooperation, to evaluate this situation and implement it immediately.

Fast acting: We make the issues clear and ensure action is taken immediately thanks to transparent communication in accordance with you.

Affordable: Your investment is calculated according to the market rate for comparable positions and is always assessed with a view to a fast recovery.

Results: You receive the results during our assignment. Our goal is to always solve the tasks we are given in a sustainable way and to anchor these solutions in your company.